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Without further ado, let’s get started. Now that the year is starting to kick into gear the releases are speeding up somewhat, but plenty of games fall through the cracks and are over looked for one reason or another. It’s the end of the week and we here at Appspy have another App Wrap Up ready to read.   Super Grid Run (Refresh Creations ltd) A very pure style of endless runner. It kind of throws back to early entries in the 3d genre like Boost 3D. As always we have some trailers of such games, and are showcasing them here based on something interesting that they might have to offer.  I hope that the control method is responsive as the onslaught of obstac.

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Nitrome has released another game. Harry from Pocket Gamer thinks it does, and he knows a lot about these things. But does it continue the dev’s hot streak. It’s about a ninja frog, it’s called Green Ninja: Year of the Frog, and it has great sound effects.

2012 – iPhone “arcade”. Popular on PC’s from 1979 to 1995 and was the best. Oregon Trail Don RawitschCo-inventor and Wagonmaster What is game about. Multi-level learning: strategy, topics, process*When the first settlers took the trail. The game is a simulation of this trip.

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To guide the titular Ilo, you place special nodes that dictate specific action, whether it’s to create a mystical ramp or shoot fireball or dash forward. Magibot combines a sci-fi world with a magic-based puzzle platforming gameplay. It’s reminiscent of the classic game Lemmings, except you’re only controlling a single character. Enemy, hazards, and time-sensitive danger forces you to precisely place nodes, considering timing and movement to succeed. However, you’re not usually in control of a magic-wielding robot. Magibot promises 40 stages of puzzle platforming, with new nodes adding more intricacies and tacti. Exploring an unknown hostile alien world would usually be a brutal challenge.

We hope that you will like this article and all those games provide in the list above. Certainly, if you find that there are some games which we haven’t listed, then just let us know about that apps through the comments box. What makes the use of smartphone device more better is the availability of quality games and apps. By the time the developers of games and apps are making amazing new inventions of features. According to our survey and all the best strategy games according to users, we have found the list that contains best possible games apps. You must have the top quality games or apps installed on the device so that you can enjoy the most out of it.

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So while PC and console players and more recently mobile players were obsessed with PUBG Mobile [Free] and Fortnite [Free], a certain web game was growing at an alarming rate. Io is a very interesting blend of both Fortnite and PUBG but 2D with a top down view. Watch the trailer below:. Io [Free] originally available on PC and the web grew into a game with more than 10 million players and it is now on iOS with an Android releasing coming very soon. In fact it feels like the old PS1 GTA games to me quite a bit with a Prison Architect like art style when it comes to visuals and perspective.

Harry from Pocket Gamer thinks so, and he once fell off a motorbike when it was standing still. But is it worth your time. If you answered yes to either of those then there’s a good chance you’ve been eyeing up SBK15 on the App Store. Do you like helmets. Do you like wheelies.

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Let’s have a look at Best Strategy Games for iOS 2018 that you need to try in your iOS device to have an amazing experience with all-new iOS games. Also Read: Best iPhone Apps To Increase Internet Speed.

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