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9mm is amazing Action HD games in which you have to play as “Loose” Kannon, the leader of a special team of hardened cops that aren’t afraid to bend the law to clean up the streets. In the game your aim is to take down the gang leader that is hunting your team, legally or not, before your team gets taken out first.

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There are multiple types of game available now for smartphones and tablets, but if you want something that will challenge your mind and pit you against opponents, a strategy game is an excellent choice. Gaming is now one of the most popular activities on Android devices, and the many games available on the Google Play Store can be a great way to unwind after a hectic day.

2 Game of War Fire Age is a massively multiplayer strategic action game in which you have to create and customize your own empire and equip your heroes with powerful legendary weapons. Therefore, you’ll have to train your armies and even forging alliances to conquer enemies on the world map on which this great game develops.

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He no longer held the role and was slowly designated to “Guy who fights things and is brash”, which inevitably got changed into the “stupid, aggressive oaf” archetype. After SEGA decided to revive Shadow from death (which was a huge mistake on their part), Shadow usurped the archetype of the anti-hero and Knuckles was basically stuck in limbo archetype-wise. How does Shadow play into this.

Unleash your inner general with our top picks for the best mobile strategy games.

Climb, jump and sneak your way through diverse settings to reach your target and strike down adversaries. Backstab is another cool action game in which you have to play as Henry Blake, a broken man whose life was stripped away, and help in his quest for justice and revenge.

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4 Vainglory might be a good choice if you enjoy engaging with other gamers, as there is an active player community with support for 17 languages. It offers casual, ranked, and quick play game modes with a roster of over 30 heroes to take advantage of and different skins available. In app purchases are offered with this game and you can also collect in-game currency and locate mystery keys for further bonuses. The massively popular game has user-friendly controls and features a real-time PvP MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) against other players or bots.

A game featuring over 400 waves across 4 unique battlefields and more. Fieldrunners HD is amazing Tower Defense games in which you will visually update with stunning high definition graphics to make the most of your fancy Android phone or table.

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My favorite example of Knuckles’ true intelligence comes from Archie, specifically how when fighting Shadow he didn’t blindly chase after his Chaos Controls, but rather waited for him to reappear (or sensed his teleport energy like in SA2). Shadow was relying on that for a trump card, but Knuckles understood instantly.

Challenge friends anytime, anywhere and show off your skills. Also, playing with friends is easy, sign in with your Miniclip or Facebook account and you’ll be able to challenge your friends straight from the game. Play the hit Miniclip 8 Ball Pool game on your mobile and become the best.

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