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 You can’t see Rube in what I have provided here, I avoided and skipped over anything about Territories to make that true.  Rube is a functioning model of how time combined with reality function.  Rube is not game. It is not the games that would have any kind of impact. As far as the impact of “my games”.  Games are just another form of a story, in a way, and can’t “impact” anything any more than a story can.  It is important in real life and really is the fundamental basis of something that looks very much like what we all know as “The Matrix”. Game and simulation designers, and society, will be using Rube long after we are all dead.  But if I found a way to make Territories, which is the only game I am ultimately trying to get made here.

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The Cold War was a state of geopolitical tension after World War II between powers in the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and its satellite states) and powers in the Western Bloc (the United States, its NATO allies and others).

While the "Cold War" between the Soviet Union and United States never led to any major military actions between the two superpowers themselves, it set the stage for numerous conflicts between their allies and other interested nations.

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No, you are dismissing the work they ripped off.  It’s good to see you use the correct term “developers” since the people who made Master of Orion didn’t need to do any “design”.  If only they were actually capable of understanding it, MOO would have been an infinitely better game. We had already done that for them.  The only original thoughts in Master of Orion were things that detracted from what it could have been.

That’s not a typo, Rube II (Mortal World) overrides Rube III (Zeus, Hades, & Cygnus) because in the PDU the “Gods” only have a vague influence over humanity. And Rube II overrides when they are in conflict. Or “Territories: The 8[sup]th[/sup] Generation”. Armageddon is something I have come up with from scratch after a big gap between any of my other games. In my mind Armageddon is light-years ahead of all of my other games, and it is about 8 years newer than any of the other games as well. It might be described as Territories inside of GIBROH, Rube II within Rube III. #1: Struggle of the Ancients, Part 2: Armageddon – A blending of war game and god game, Territories meets GIBROH. This is also my newest and most modern game idea, this version of Armageddon has only emerged in the last year since I “discovered”, or “recognized” is really a better word, Rube. I guess the best word is that I “matured” a lot in that decade or so and this game really does stand head and shoulders above all the rest in my obviously very biased self-evaluating view.

Offside Timer – The Captain can only be in the Center Zone when his team possesses the ball. Interfering with a Captain’s ability to return to the Goal Zone is a penalty that gives the Captain a free throw shot. If he fails to return in time the team with the ball gets a single free throw shot. He has 8 seconds to return to his own Goal Zone when his team loses possession of the ball.

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 I think those would be the people other than game and simulation designers who would be the most interested in Rube. I can describe it, there are very few people with a frame of reference to have any idea what I am talking about.  If it comes to that, I will make something like that but it wouldn’t be to show game companies.  Like I said in the blog, the only way people are going to understand Rube is through Territories.  I could, of course, make a much simpler thing meant solely to demonstrate the basic functionality of Rube.  That would be if I gave up on the modern game industry ever caring about what really is the current height of their profession, in terms of simulating reality anyway. Rube is a structure/format for AI to operate within.  Rube is not AI, Rube needs AI.  If I make something like that it will be to try to show it to people attempting to develop serious Artificial Intelligence.

The Captain begins standing inside the Goal Zone at the Goal Zone Boundary Line. In-Bounding The Ball – After a basket the Captain of the team that was scored on brings the ball into the Center Zone. The Post players in the Goal Zone are not involved and cannot interfere.

While the “Cold War” between the Soviet Union and United States never led to any major military actions between the two superpowers themselves, it set the stage for numerous conflicts.

Less complicated versions of this game are actually, in my view, a lot better in a lot of ways. #3: Mission/Astral Wake Apollo/Fallen Angel Rising – Space. There have been many incarnations of Mission over the years. They are particularly far more diverse in their content and capabilities in the end. Which means that there are a lot of basic things that can never happen, because Holodeck Rube can’t do it. It might potentially be many different games depending on the resources available to make it. That version gives up a lot and is very limited in a lot of ways. I have begun to think of the “holodeck” version of Mission as a one-time side game that could be made under a different name, and going back to the previous “pre-Rube IV” version of Mission/AWA/FAR that can be the fully featured “captain of a spaceship” game that just keeps getting better and more complete with each new version of it. So much so, that I don’t think it can remain interesting for three games. My final “best way” of translating Star Fleet Battles into a real-time computer game. In its highest “3D Rube IV form for the AAA 3D blockbuster dev team” these three games would literally put you into the captain’s chair and be that Star Trek dream game people like me have always dreamed of. With “Holodeck Rube” what the player thinks is happening isn’t actually happening. That “magic trick” (“It’s A Kind Of Magic”) of putting you in the captain’s chair and turning the bridge into a “holodeck” that “Holodeck Rube IV” can do really does come with a long, long, long list of limitations.

This thing shouldn’t be here. I think you are in the wrong Place to understand anything more than that. MeeSo: “Well, now this is a special case, you see. It’s here, and it shouldn’t be. It is in the wrong Place. And other than that, Mee. The Gravity is working backwards because the Force of that thing is in the wrong Place. Without getting into a lot of details that you wouldn’t understand anyway.

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