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 Today, just over six months later, there are over 50 examples of big brands who have moved into the collaborative economy. Make no doubt it, the Collaborative Economy continues to grow.   That is a 76% increase.  At the start of the year, I was tracking just over a dozen examples of big companies engaging in the change.

Sardesai also looks at how the political map of India can change tomorrow after the results for five states are announced with BJP’s Sambit Patra and Congress leader Sajay Jha on the show. Yogi credits the work of the BJP-led government at the Centre and Amit Shah’s strategy for the party’s performance.

 There’s an opportunity for software vendors like Bazaarvoice, Lithium, Adobe, Salesforce, IBM and Ariba to create these to enable brands to quickly launch their own marketplaces, rather than building custom from scratch.  A few months ago, I put out a call out to the market for this blue ocean opportunity, and was contacted by ShareTribe, who’s enabling marketplaces for anyone to launch. Right now, we don’t see enterprise-class, white-label marketplace software.

Where is the left now. Rodeo Clown is not a victim of government censorship. It is the left that defends offensive taxpayer funded art. The last 1/3 of your article is an attempt to explain why Mr. It is the left that claims to be the protectors of free speech. It is the left that defends academics like Ward Churchill who make incredibly offensive statements about 9/11 victims while receiving a paycheck from a state-funded university. It is the left that cried censorship when private citizens smashed Dixie Chicks cd’s and private radio stations stopped playing their music.

RBS expands Lida's remit to cover customer drive ...

However, as the global workforce evolves, organizations need tools that will allow them to adapt and maximize their efforts. A successful recruitment agency or staffing firm already has best practices and strategies in place for working with the right candidates.

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Must be in Constitutional illiteracy. It’s the private folks who can control speech — not the state. Wow, you lose your First Amendment rights if you are a clown, at a state sponsored rodeo. I totally get it. Thanks for making a clown of yourself by turning the First Amendment totally on its head.

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And so the real question is whether or not a State, through its State Fair, should be sponsoring political speech. And I would feel the same way if this had been the State Fair booking Bill Maher for a performance (a quick Google check suggests that this hasn’t ever happened). Frankly, I think that’s a really bad idea.

Here’s a description of the performance from CNN:. The current cause célèbre in many Right Wing circles is that of a rodeo clown who has been banned-for-life from performing at the Missouri State Fair after he oversaw the production of a skit in which another clown donned a Obama mask (and broom) and was chased by a bull.

 Here’s key stats on the essential skills, requirements of community managers, as well who they follow the most on Twitter.  Community Manager Day (#CMAD) is hosted globally every fourth Monday in Jan, I’ll do a wrap up post and cross-link for this fourth year.  Essentially, they serve customers every other day, so they should get a day of thanks to highlight how they’re changing the face of business, customer care, and our industry.  Why do Community Managers get their own day. Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day, in celebration of saluting this important role changing the face of corporations and customers everywhere, I wanted to share original data and insights on the state of the space.

Not only did guests watch their favorite series, they were immersed in it. Comcast created three unique Xfinity Watchathon Week Airbnb properties. Families in San Francisco, Chicago, and Baltimore spent an entire week in selected Airbnb properties whose interiors were redecorated to match the sets of Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, and The Wire.

Further, if you are going to argue that employers have the right to fire workers for embarrassing them or damaging their brand, you can’t turn around and scream “First Amendment” when someone gets fired for embarrassing their employer and damaging their brand.

Mayim Bialik of 'Big Bang Theory' responds to the backlash

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