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It’s great that you meant it when you said you’d be fixing up the development cycles, but all I can think is: “Will the main series receive the same treatment. We’re still waiting for a game from the main series. Does that mean Sonic Boom is all we can expect to celebrate Sonic’s 25th. ” Boom was never really that good and no amount of fixing up its technical aspects can fix the rest of it. So obviously you can’t tell us all about the next real Sonic game, but a little news sure would help to think that waiting through all this will be worth it.

Changing players mid stream or loadouts is fucked due to that feature. Its entirely dependent on if some of your side has tanks or planes too and the spawns given to the sides are not equal to begin with on maps many times. It is ruined often by the Strategy aspect of it. The scopes are blurry at a distance and scope technology was well advanced of what they have in this game. Plus many bugs in game. It can be fun but almost too much work to bother playing unless you enjoy having your team stomped 10-15 times in a row often as a US player. Win an entire match driving the GM back to their 1st spawn and then run out of lives and they regain 2 spawns not the entire 2 main objectives just 1 and they wiin in last 2 minutes. This game had potential to be a good FPS. This could have been a great FPS but being an F2P and constantly messed up by the inequalities it sucks ass. The GM= Gernans are OP most the time with the MG42 and panzers that just MG you everywhere you go. But not like Sierra’s Starsiege Tribes 1 or Novalogics Delta Force series where you can walk up to anything on the map and around it and keep going as far as you want. Now try sniping you need a recon player that is dependent on its position being available I think related to tanks. A lot of people find something better to play. Very few snipers allowed. What a joke the devs are.

I found it enjoyable not frustrating at all. I’ve been playing all day had no issues with FPS, graphics setting are on full high, ping is all right. I’ve played COD, BF4 and many other 1st person shooters and have found less glitch’s in this then them.

From the first, where you are placed in control of a brigade of troops tasked with landing on Omaha Beach and destroying German 88s, Relic’s Company of Heroes grabs.

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Here you will find some Heroes and Generals reviews, guides, videos, screenshots, news, walkthrough, tips. Heroes and Generals is a free to play 3D MMOFPS.

In another departure from traditional RTS, the Havok Engine in CoH lets your troops physically alter the landscape. Tanks burst through concrete walls and wooden fences, sending the pieces flying. Your riflemen can even use craters caused by artillery as cover. Engineers demolish buildings and build sandbag walls for cover. Each of the single-player campaign missions and maps are carefully designed and beautifully rendered, so it seems a shame that you’ll end up blowing most of them up. This, along with the realistic AI of your troops, separates CoH even more from other games of this type.

From the first, where you are placed in control of a brigade of troops tasked with landing on Omaha Beach and destroying German 88s, Relic’s Company of Heroes grabs you and doesn’t let go.

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Heroes & Generals Axis Strategy Guide by Reichshield Axis manual in utilizing there equipment and tactics. I’m making a guide about the troops and there equipment and how most recruits use.

In the ultimate World War 2 MMOFPS you make a difference in a grand, persistent online war. As Infantry, Tank crew, Fighter pilot, Paratrooper, Recon, or General you join the German, US or.

This still will not make up for the failure of the series I for one would like the original design of the characters or why not branch off into something bigger like a continuation from sonic generations( probably the last good sonic game) Sega has a lot of characters they could revive and use again also what’s going on with the merchandise jazz wares were the best in making sonic figures and for most of them to be scrapt is very disappointing look Sega u guys have slot of potential just listen to the fans.

The devs have a whole forum dedicated to development feedback, yet don’t listen to a word anyone says. The topics posted most frequently are skipped right over. The game didn’t used to have these problems, but has steadily gone down the tubes as they concentrate on adding more trees or gun options instead. Biggest problem with this game. Many people on average suffer from a 15 FPS or lower, completely unacceptable. Find something else to play, it’s the best choice you’ll ever make. Don’t bother playing this game. I played it for almost a year, and with each new build it got worse and worse. The only plus to this game is the WWII setting, but it pales in comparison to the boatload of issues they refuse to address. I can’t tell you how many people have posted on this topic in the forums, all to get zero response from the devs.

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