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War in general is a very complex topic, and I have many reservations about the mainstream Arab stories of this war. I believe there are still some secrets to be uncovered in this old war, and since you mentioned it, I was wondering whether somebody has researched it in the Kissinger archives at Wikileaks.

On just one exchange. QUOTE
This means on that day 123 “futures market” barrels were traded for every barrel produced. Oil is a rigged market and full of derivatives.

In support of a bill to repeal the alcohol tax, President Teddy Roosevelt told the US Congress in 1906:. Farmers, looking to capitalize on this, lobbied for the repeal of a . They were aided by those who saw fuel alcohol as a way to break the oiligarchs’ monopoly. 08 per gallon alcohol tax that had been imposed to help pay for the Civil War.

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Rockefeller had come under increasing scrutiny by a public outraged by the unprecedented wealth he had amassed through Standard Oil. Muckraking reporters like Ida Tarbell began digging up the dirt on his rise to power through railroad conspiracies, secret deals with competitors and other shady practices. Hearings began, investigations were launched, lawsuits were brought against him. The press pictured him as a colossus with bribed politicians literally in the palm of his hand; Standard Oil was a menacing octopus with its tentacles strangling the lifeblood of the nation. And then, finally, in 1911 the Supreme Court made a monumental decision. ’s greatest stroke of luck, however, was not supposed to be luck at all.

I just received a second test translation (first 460 words of 10300) and it was quite good. A Dutch voice-over is not a must for the Dutch audience but it will help to reach a younger audience. Ad, about the sub titles. After making some minor changes I have send it over to a Dutch voice actor and I expect the result tomorrow.

They were the scions of a new oligarchy, one built around oil and its control, from wellhead to pump. The Rothschilds and Nobels. These early titans of the oil industry and their corporate shells pioneered a new model for amassing and expanding fortunes hitherto unheard of. The Dutch royal family.

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“Shrinking the Technosphere: Getting a Grip on Technologies that Limit our Autonomy, Self-Sufficiency and Freedom” by Dmitry Orlov. Orlov directly ties BIG OIL to the TECHNOSPHERE.

There is a lot of incentive for China and Saudi Arabia to do such a deal. It would allow both to diversify away from the dollar and support their own long-term interests: a more diverse economy in Saudi Arabia and a bigger role for China in international trade. Most of OPEC could follow suit in such a yuan-for-oil arrangement.

Any initiative to get investors to part with shares at the bottom of the market could yield exponential profits over the medium term. While James on the one hand produces pieces of work like this on the other hand he is happy to give platform to proven Exxon propagandists and semi proffesional wafflers like Tim Ball. Oil reserves statements are deliberately vague, contradictory and in my opinion very likely grossly overstated. I am naturally wary of any ‘idea’ that wishes to transfer large sums of public money into new initiatives. My own experience with such liberal do gooders is that they very easily get duped into embracing a scam and the active participation of wall street hedge funds compounds that caution. I would bare all that in mind when evaluating this movement and its aims. Leopards don’t change their spots. This is unsustainable and big oil and their wall street cleptocrats knows this. I fear you will get little in the way of response here to anything that presupposes climate change is a real threat. Quite what is going on though I have no idea. This is in large part due to the wholesale theft of the national reserves of Libya, Syria and Iraq flooding the market with cheap oil. Oil is now falling below /barrel. However all seems to be in flux in oil production and distribution and alliances that have linked parties geopolitically seem to have broken down. The cooperation of ex Goldman Sachs managers in the making of the video, in attempt to lend the ideas financial credibility makes me highly suspicious. That was 15 years or so ago so the ideas are far from new. That said with regard to the video you linked I would say that while I applaud the motives of the grassroots activists they display a naievety typical of the western bourgeoisie. I had early participation in the Transition Towns movement which amongst other goals based on so called ‘peak oil’ notions of moving away from oil dependency included these very same ideas on divestment.


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