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In effect a mortgage is a loan and a put option. The bank cannot do that to a homeowner. Your broker can and will sell you out if your stock falls in value below maintenance margin even momentarily. This is because the homeowner can put the house back to the bank if it falls underwater via a foreclosure or short sale. Real Estate also differs in financing because the margins are only about 10% or so.

It doesn’t let us off the hook by making the terrorist an “unlawful military combatant from a foreign country”. A Christian conservative extremist), the terrorist is a Muslim. It doesn’t leave gray area’s for later debate. He’s an American citizen, a former military guy with special forces expertise. It doesn’t avoid the obvious and pretend that terrorist is one of those extremely rare apparitions of the left (i. And it doesn’t pull punches. It takes a nightmare scenario and makes it one of the worst possible situations you can think of.

But now that you say the same, then I would just say smart men have their quirks, and it is good to have quirks as it instantaneously makes one different , and may you silently enjoy your quirks in warm company of affectionate friends who overlook them with ease.

Nau: Game Theory 6. = In single-agent decision theory, look at an optimal strategy Ø Maximize the agent’s expected payoff in its environment. Nau: Game Theory 4. How to reason about games.

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” I thought that was what you were claiming, and it seems nonsensical to me. I note that I’m confused, and therefore that this is probably not what you were implying, and I’ve made some silly mistake, but that leaves me little closer to understanding what you were. Whether this is a minor abuse of language or a minor abuse of logic, I think it’s a mistake to go from that to “Uniforms are equivalent to bullying reduction” or “Bullying reductions result in uniforms.

In the case of 2 2 payo matrices with no saddle point, we can derive a. A formula for the optimal strategy for Rand C and the value of the game for 2 2 payo matrices.

Algorithmic game theory[62] and within it algorithmic mechanism design[63] combine computational algorithm design and analysis of complex systems with economic theory. The emergence of the internet has motivated the development of algorithms for finding equilibria in games, markets, computational auctions, peer-to-peer systems, and security and information markets.

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One of them was telling me that the trainers cant make money with these 8000 purses, so every now and then, all the favorites lose on a coalition and the trainers make out big with the exacta and pick 4. The tracks have given up on selling handicappers picks, as the 1000 attendance isn’t enough to support it, but the post and sports eye have at least 8 handicappers each who rate each race. The erudite analysis of Dave Brower on each horse in each race in the program is very reminiscent of the experts I hear on TV when I am in a hotel and need prices. The quality of the 1500 that were left was very high, and they knew more about the game than almost all market speculators that I knew. Considering the average handle on a race of 10000, that would seem like a concentration of forces in a field with a low return to scale and effort. About 1500 people came to the track on this beautiful day and in the comparable days when Derosa and I used to go it was 20000. My goodness, this was rite out of Bacon, and shall we say, the squeezes and inflexionic trading that goes on in our field.

” A statement like that is a huge gateway into productive discussion. But that claim strongly suggests a second statement for the claimant: “I would have felt better about myself in middle school, if we’d had uniforms. The post mentions “uniforms make students feel better about themselves” as something to avoid.

Although nominal interest rates were low, the more relevant real interest rates (as shown by the yield on TIPS) were actually rising during the period 2004 to 2007. First he dismissed the popular idea that inappropriately low interest rates caused a bubble in real estate prices, which then crashed.

It always feels to me like the attempt to show that computers can ‘play’ these games much better makes our attempts at self-improvement appear futile, an idea which many people will buy into. My personal belief is that the goal of ‘replacing humanity’ in the cause of ‘efficiency’ is a deeply flawed one. Is it too fanciful to suggest that they represent a ‘greater goal’ of being looked after by machines whilst humans have mindless ‘fun’. Seems like we get a whisker away from quite deep philosophical questions.

These are games prevailing over all forms of society. Pooling game theory emerges to formally recognize the interaction between optimal choice in one play and the emergence of forthcoming payoff table update path, identify the invariance existence and robustness, and predict variance over time. The theory is based upon topological transformation classification of payoff table update over time to predict variance and invariance, and is also within the jurisdiction of the computational law of reachable optimality for ordered system. Pooling games are repeated plays with changing payoff table in general over an experienced path and their equilibrium strategies usually take a form of evolutionary social convention and economic convention.

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