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We play a game against an opponent by alternating turns. Dynamic Programming | Set 31 (Optimal Strategy for a Game) 4.

As a result of RTS game experience, an underlying dimension of cognitive flexibility emerged and characterized individual differences in performance on a variety of laboratory tasks. Forty hours of training within an RTS game that stresses rapid and simultaneous maintenance, assessment, and coordination between multiple information and action sources was sufficient to affect change. The present study finds that cognitive flexibility is a trainable skill.

[C++] SFGUI: A C++ library for adding graphical user interfaces to games and programs. [C#] Pax: A Wargame: A grand strategy game around the topics of war, diplomacy, exploration and trade, set during the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Features: Lighting, Particles, Water-Simulation; Dynamic levels and spells.

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Together, this is an effort to delineate not only the behavioral characteristics that change in the course of initial video game training, but also the characteristics of the games themselves that lead to change. Importantly, game feature and behavior recording within the RTS game allowed for verification of the amount of attended information between the two versions. In 2004), has been shown to be a useful control for experimental video game research [12]. For this reason, the SC-2 subcondition promotes more switching and coordination of cognitive resources, hallmarks of cognitive flexibility. To further elucidate the role of video gaming on cognitive flexibility, gaming is examined with a within-game and between-game comparison. Thus, the SC-1 version was designed to be as engrossing and difficult as the SC-2 version, but did not emphasize maintaining awareness of and switching between two spatially separated (out of view) bases. A life-simulator game is used as a control gaming condition against two versions of the RTS game: a full-map version and a half-map version. In the SC-2 version, the player is commanding and controlling two separate bases in multiple battles against two separate opponent bases. The full-map version (SC-2) involves two friendly bases and two enemy bases, whereas the half-map version (SC-1) involves one friendly and one enemy base and half the available gaming space. Both versions were also modified with a reactive difficulty level in order to maintain a win rate near 50%. The life-simulator video game, The Sims 2 (published by Electronic Arts, Inc.

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Game Theory- concepts, saddle point, Dominance, Zero-sum game, two, three and more Persons games. Alic C Lee, John C Lee, “Financial Analysis, Planning.

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You’re forced to consider your choices immediately such as researching new technologies, scouting the field and training troops. Players must protect their irreplaceable construction unit called the “Armored Command Unit,” all while racing for resources and building up armies. The game is fast-paced and puts you right in the action. For some, the game may be too intensive and unit heavy.

Furthermore, we altered the stock StarCraft game program by disabling mini-map alerts, requiring the player to rely on memory for events occurring outside the screen window. ” To assess whether video game training can alter cognitive flexibility, the current study utilizes an RTS game, StarCraft (published by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. In short, while previous work relied on action video games which highlight “fast perception”, RTS gaming highlights “fast thinking” and has been used previously as a successful training regimen. Our main prediction is that our RTS gaming manipulation will complement previous work in action video games by promoting “fast thinking”, while not strongly affecting “fast perception. RTS gaming involves the creation, organization, and command of an army against an enemy army in a real-time map-based setting (see Text S1 for more information on the game). To be successful, the player must cope with simultaneous and rapidly evolving game situations and sub-situations occurring in real-time while managing funds, resources, and information regarding the opponent. Thus, we predict RTS game training to enhance cognitive flexibility in a general manner. Real-time strategy (RTS) game training is an excellent candidate for tuning these cortical networks due to sustained maintenance and rapid switching across multiple information sources at a high workload for long periods of time over several weeks.

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Design The Lab Game Design modules includes a series of workshop lessons focusing on the use of the software programs employed to develop video games.

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